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Middle School: Escape to Australia Kindle Edition by James Patterson (Author), Daniel Griffo (Illustrator)

In this adventurous installment of James Patterson's bestselling Middle School series, everyone's favorite underdog hero Rafe Khatchadorian is headed to the dangerous wilds of Australia!

My Visit to the Acupuncturist by L.Ac. Stacey V. Leung (Author), Daniel Griffo (Illustrator), Ages 4-8 (Reader)

Acupuncture can successfully treat many symptoms in adults and children. This book introduces acupuncture to parents & children in an entertaining and illustrative way. This book is great for the reception area. Makes a perfect gift for the acupuncturist and their family! - The perfect book for acupuncturists to explain to children what they do!

Signing in My World: Sign Language for Kids

Signing in My World: Sign Language for Kids

by Kathryn Clay
Illustrated by Daniel Griffo
From greetings to holidays, there are tons of times in your world where you can sign. What's the sign for happy? Or for cake? Learn helpful words for birthdays, feelings, holidays, and more.